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I disabled the registration on this instance. If you want an Account please request an invite link from a user of this Instance.

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Sooo. Got some nice refsheets, created by fromo/jucin :3 ( ) My first reference sheets of my main Fursona. After 8 Years and a lot of art^^
I hope you like them :D

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Some more Art of my Fursona^^
Artists in Order: Brenin, jademere, Kampfkewob

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wow once a horse girl, always a horse girl! so majestic 💕💕

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a person can be tied up with many coils of cassette tape

I made a Twitter, so if it crashed tomorrow, it's fine to call your own #Mastodon instance? I really want to interact with a knife

Ich habe keine neue obsession! Wirklich!

Listen to some Thrash Metal and chill:
WE NEED ANOTHER FUCKING BEER! Tankard - (Empty) Tankard

Ratet mal welches der beiden Bilder ihr in der Zeitung oder den News seht.

you wanna create a slideshow? you use your pentium, you're gonna get about 20% slideshow. i3 7th gen pretty good gets you about 80-90%. now an i7 8th gen? that's just under 200% slideshow. imagine being able to make that much of slideshow power

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